Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friday Night Mall Show: Vintage Football, Pt. 4

Mrs. K, a devout Washington Redskins fan, turned me onto the color analyst duo of HOFers Sonny Jurgensen and Sam Huff on the Redskins Radio Broadcast Network.  To my ears, they are the real-life version of the two balcony hecklers from the Muppet Show.

And I mean that in a very complimentary way.

They're both cranky and quick-witted (in an old man sort of way), and both are dyed in the wool Washington homers.  Sam is definitely more the firebrand of the two, as Sonny just kind of lets Sam go off on his rants at the officials or the opponent or, most likely, the Redskins themselves.  Sure, they love their Redskins but they call 'em as they see 'em.

Sadly, Huff (78) will be doing a limited schedule this year, as he will only be heard during home game broadcasts.  Thus, even greater urgency to tune in and experience an NFL game through the eyes of these two legends.

But before they were providing the yuks in the radio booth, Jurgensen and Huff were immortals between the lines. Huff played 13 years, including the final five years of his career in D.C.  The former Mountaineer totaled 30 INTs over his career and was selected to five Pro Bowls.

Jurgensen was enshrined in Canton in 1983, one year after his good friend Huff.  Sonny played 11 of his 18 NFL seasons in the District where he tossed 179 of his 255 scores.  He is second to Joe Theismann on Washington's career passing yardage list and is behind only HOFer Sammy Baugh in TD passes.

1969 Topps, #227

With my equal admiration for Jurgensen's quarterbacking and broadcasting skills, I knew I had to have this card when I came across it at last Friday's mall show.  Gotta love the pink background and the old school Redskins logo.  This card is the complete package!  Add into the equation that this '69 Topps card was in near-mint condition, and it was an easy decision to purchase.  [Ed. Note: This card is in such nice shape that I had to give it a quick flip to make sure it wasn't a reprint.]

So, I'm down to one more card, and then I'll get back to baseball cards.  I promise!  Tomorrow, I'll unveil the card that sent me away with the biggest smile of the evening...


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