Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Night Mall Show: Vintage Football, The Finale

After dragging the topic out for a week, it's time to put a bow on last Friday's hobby show at Concard Mall.

I've saved my favorite acquisition for last.  I must confess, though, that I was waffling back and forth between this card and a Dick Butkus card from the very same year.  Ultimately, the deciding factor was the price, as the card that I went with was five bucks cheaper.

But, that's not totally fair, since I've always wanted a card of this guy.  And when I saw the mug he was wearing on this card, it was an absolute checkmate in the end.

1971 Topps, #1

As Mrs. K exclaimed when I showed this to her, "Whoa, it's like Halloween came early!"  And I can't disagree, really.  If Frankenstein was a HOF quarterback who played for the Baltimore Colts, this would be his football card.

I love this card on multiple levels.  I mean, it's Johnny Unitas which, of itself, is outstanding enough.  The guy is a legend of the game.  And then you've got the face and the teeth -- added bonuses.

The design of 1971 Topps is amazing, might I add.  The colors, the fonts, the top-heavy little football cartoon character on the bottom left.  All elements are perfect.

The card itself is in pretty decent condition.  The edges are in very good shape and there is only light wear on the corners.  What you can't really see is a light crease near the top left corner of the card.  Additionally the back of the card is slightly miscut vertically.  But, those are very minor flaws, especially compared to what I paid for it.

This is easily my favorite non-Bills football card.  And it will probably stay that way until I get my first Deacon Jones card.

Thanks for humoring me during this prolonged football journey.  I'll get back to the business of baseball in the coming days.  I can't promise I won't wander back to football at some point, though.  I can't help it, plus it's kinda my blog :-)

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!


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