Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Top 12 of 2012: A Heritage Countdown - No. 9

Into the single digits we go!

No. 9 -- Todd Helton (SP), #484

If no one else agrees with the inclusion of this card into the Top 12, I know this guy at least will!

Can I be honest with you?  Of course I can.  The scary, wavy, Martian-looking trees in the background really make this a top-10 card choice.  Sure, on its own steam, this perfectly framed bat barrel photo of the great Todd Helton makes it a winner.  A classic composition to be sure.

But, in reality, the trees put it over the top.

Anyone know what the story is with these creepy trees?  I noticed them a couple other times in backgrounds of other cards from this set -- each time a Rockies player.  I mean, I take it such a growth is indigenous to the American southwest, right?  Can't say I've seen anything that resembles that in the northeast or mid-Atlantic. Then again, I've never been confused for a botanist or dendrologist (yes I had to Google the latter word).

All I know is that I cant recall the dearly-departed Bob Ross ever painting any "happy little trees" that appeared as those at the Rockies' spring training complex do.

Well, on second thought.  Maybe when the cameras turned off and the smoke got a little thicker, if you catch my drift...

Anyway, it's not my intent to disparage the deceased.

Back to Helton.

Great player, handsome photo, almost-surreal background -- and on top of it all, this is a short print.

Check please.

The Top 12
12 -- David Wright (SP), #467
11 -- Kosuke Fukodome, #248
10 -- Nyjer Morgan, #137
9 -- Todd Helton (SP), 484
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7 --
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  1. The Huston Street card from this set has similar trees, but the trunk is visible, so it's not so creepy.

    Loving the countdown, it's actually getting me hyped for the release. Even though I'm not crazy about the '64 design, there are more Padres than last year, and none of them are Jason Bartlett, so those will be cool to see.