Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Double Play: 1991 Carlos Baerga

Just a silly observation from going through my Carlos Baerga cards last night:  In 1991, it seems Topps had a thing for procuring hat-less or helmet-less images of the Cleveland infielder, one of my all-time favorite ballplayers.

His '91 Topps card (above) shows the man rounding the bases without his batting helmet.  Looks like he's already downshifted and is coasting to his next stop.

And then you've got his card from the Toys R Us '91 Rookies boxed set...

Again on the basepaths, and again no helmet for Carlos.  I sense more urgency from Baerga in this one, as opposed to the seemingly casual posture from the regular issue.  Also, this one is from a home contest, while the first card is from an away game.

See, Topps could muster multiple photographs of individual players for their various sets back then.  With a little more care and effort, they could surely do the same with today's card.


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