Monday, October 15, 2012

CC aka SP

Recently I was complaining how I never get anything good in Topps rack packs.  Well as luck would have it, Mrs. K and I were running some errands on Saturday and stopped into our local K-Mart.  I think K-Mart has a pretty underrated card section.  Granted, they don't have as much in the way of new product selection, but they have a great assortment of discounted older stuff.

But, I'm veering off topic (big surprise).

Naturally, running errands at any place that ends in a -Mart or features a bullseye logo most likely means I'm going to head home with a pack.  Or two.  Or a box.  I think I'm not alone in living with such a vice, yes?

So, this time I grabbed a rack pack of Update, because that's my recent muse.

Within, hiding among a bunch of doubles and bland inserts, was this guy:

All-Star Game Short Print, #US62

Nice!  I pulled one of these All-Star short prints in my hobby box and now I score another in a random rack pack.

It's nice to be lucky every so often.  Perhaps with a little more luck, I can stop pulling damn Yankees!


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