Saturday, October 27, 2012

From the Backstop to the Clubhouse

Always a treat, I received an unexpected package in Friday's mail from Marcus at All the Way to the Backstop. My long-time trading partner (and an all-around good guy) never fails to put together a fun and interesting assortment of cards for my collection.

Let's get to it, shall we?  As usual, I'll just show you some of the highlights.

2012 Heritage SP, #494

YES!  How can I not begin with a short print gem from the 2012 Heritage set?!  By now, you know I'm a Heritage addict.  Slowly but surely, I'm nearing the completion the base set and still working my way through the 75-card SP checklist.  Next to David Wright, Zimmerman is my favorite third baseman to watch.  Love this card!  Marcus, you are The Man!

2012 Update Gold Sparkle, #US151

I first saw this card on Marcus' blog a few weeks ago.  He pulled this from a rack pack and mentioned he had an idea which Mets fan was going to receive it.  I was secretly hoping it was me.  And, well, it was!

2012 Update, #US276

While we're on topic of Update, I received not one, but TWO of these Matt Harvey "Rookie Debut" cards.  Which is great because I still needed this for my set, and now I can add one to my Mets/player collection.  Awesome!

2012 Topps "Cut Above", #ACA-18

With this Halladay card off the checklist, I need just nine more "Cut Above" cards to knock out that Series 2 insert set.

2012 Topps "Gold Standard", #GS-34

A bit further to go with the Series 2 "Gold Standard" set.  Thirteen more needed in that quest.  Great pic they used of Reggie in this one, by the way.

2011 Update Cognac, #99

Speaking of collecting "quests", I still have an APB out on 2011 Topps Cognac parallels.  Thus, I'm happy to receive thie Ben Revere rookie!

1988 Topps UK, #11

I love these UK cards.  I hate their smaller size.  What was Topps thinking?  Nevertheless, this Gary Carter card is a winner.

1985 Topps, #9

Also from the "What Were They Thinking?" file comes this unique piece of hobby history.  Quality control please, anyone?  Further, I've seen some badly miscut Topps cards before, but never one that had dotted lines. How did this occur??

1992 Stadium Club, #676

I don't have to ask former Mets prospect Bill Pulsipher what he was thinking when picked out this shirt.  I mean, those of us who were in middle school or high school during the early-to-mid '90s had a shirt like this in our closet, no?  Silk, probably.  And we thought that it made us look cool, no?  Or was that just me...and Bill?

1981 Topps, #119

Ah, vintage football!  Nicely played, Mr. Backstop!  I knew Foreman was a star for the Vikings during the 1970s, but didn't realize he landed on the Pats further down the road.  Great addition to the package, Marcus!

Once again, sincere thanks to Marcus for a stellar group of cards!



  1. There is a lot right with that Carter card, starting with the sanitary socks, stirrups and that classic broad stripe up the leg.

    You're right, though, the size of them is a head-scratcher.

    1. Yes, absolutely Dean! It goes back to what you were recently writing about regarding the Mini '87s from this year. Awesome cards, but a storage quandary.