Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One More off the Heritage Checklist (Trade with Toddfather)

I'm still coming down from my Topps Update high, but a package arrived in today's mail that sidetracked my attention.  The good and gracious Toddfather (aka Tim) shipped another fine assortment of trading cards my way.

Loads of great stuff included, as usual.  And I feel kind of stupid to even admit this, but out of all the unique and splendid cards he flipped me, I was perhaps most excited about the one 2012 Topps Heritage card that was included.  And it's not even a player I remotely like...

2012 Heritage, #132

All-Star lefty Cole Hamels bugs me about as much as any other Phillies player.  And they all really bug me.  In the aftermath of the Victorino trade, Hamels took the catbird seat of my most despised Phils.  Can't put my finger on exactly why.  Maybe it's the French Stewart-esque voice.  Or the "whatever dude" attitude he displays quite regularly.  Could be the hair, also.

In any event, getting this card cuts my '12 Heritage "need" list down to just 22 cards.  I know that's not exactly a benchmark number, but anything that moves me closer to my goal of completing this awesome set is noteworthy in my book.  I'm a card carrying Heritage nut these days, so I can't be blamed for being irrational.

While we're on the topic of set completion, Tim also knocked 17 cards off my 2005 Topps Fan Favorites checklist.

2005 Fan Favorites, #34

Thanks to Tom Terrific and his 16 buddies, I'm now 59 cards away from completing the 142-card set.

I know I'm in the midst of a boring trade post, but bear with me for just four more cards.  It's just getting good!

While the Hamels card was exciting, this Will Clark card grabbed hold of me right away and pronounced itself the alpha dog of the trade package:

2008 Donruss Threads, College Greats #CG-9

Okay, seriously, this is probably in my top five of favorite Will the Thrill cards of all time.  And normally I don't get too crazy about cards of retired players in post-retirement sets.  But...well...just look at it!

This next card will go rather nicely with the new dollies...umm...I mean, the life-like poseable collectible sports figurines of Mike Piazza I recently bought:

1996 SPx Mike Piazza Tribute, #MP1

It's a die cut and it's a hologram.  Beat that, Topps!  All kidding aside, this is a beautiful card.  And a gorgeous mustache, might I add.

From one (future) HOF catcher to another HOF catcher, this Gary Carter card is tremendous on a few levels:

2005 Donruss Studio, #SP-63

Before I even bothered to turn it over, I was smitten with this card of the late, great Kid.  But, a quick twist revealed further greatness:

Only 25 of these wondrous things grace God's green earth.  And I have one of them!  JOY!!!

So, wait, maybe that one was my favorite of the package?  At this point, does it really matter?  They're all fantastic!

Okay, happy?  Now stop your blubbering, Mark, and finish the damn post.  We're getting bored and we want a snack.

Okay, I'll close this particular trade post with a little splash of color:

Topps Chrome Purple Refractor, #64

The Dude most definitely approves!  I thought you were working on this set, Tim?  You nut, you!

Mr. Toddfather, as usual, a trade package fit for a king.  Thanks very much!!


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