Sunday, October 28, 2012

Here Comes Sandy...

1998 Stadium Club, #22

No, not him.

The Category 1 hurricane working its way towards the U.S. Northeast has brought the first phase of rainfall to us here in Delaware.  If all the forecast models are right, this thing is going to bring heavy rain and destructive winds for a 2-3 day period.  Basically a real mess is on tap.

Anyhow, I thought it was appropriate to honor the impending catastrophic storm with a card from one of my favorite all-time backstops.

Sandy Alomar, Jr. has plenty of awesome cards featuring actions shots of all varieties.  But this '98 Stadium Club issue really called out to me as I was flipping through my Alomar collection.  He's either spotting an infield pop or he's alerting the denizens of the Megalopolis to the wicked storm that is churning in the sky above.

I don't know if the storm "Sandy" is supposed to be a guy or a gal, but I'll personally choose to assign it a female designation.  I just can't bring myself to imagine a male Sandy -- like the good and talented Mr. Alomar -- causing so much drama.  [Ed. Note: Is that sexist?]

To all my friends in the eastern U.S., exercise caution and stay safe!



  1. I thought it was a female hurricane but I already listen on the news talking about it like a male. I've heard that hurricanes have female names and storms have male names. Go figure...

    But liked a lot your card choice to escort your post. He seems like looking up at the Sandy hurricane.

    Hope it all goes well at the US and nothing too bad happens. You lot be safe.

    1. I think you are right about female names being given to hurricanes. Good call!

      Thanks for the well wishes...

  2. It alternates between male and female on the alphabetical list. Sandy is between Rafael and Tony, so this one is a female.

    I'm just happy whatever whips through Ontario isn't going to be snow.