Thursday, November 1, 2012

Group Break Recap: Home of the Toddfather

I recently participated in my second-ever group break event.  My buddy Tim over at Home of the Toddfather had a tasty selection of products for his seminal group break, so I had to jump in.

Topps Update '12, Topps Chrome '12 and Topps Pro Debut '12 were the hobby boxes in play, and the Mets and Nationals were my two teams of choice.

Having already seen and acquired cards from the first two products, I was most excited to see what I would get from the Pro Debut box.  And I was not disappointed.

2012 Pro Debut, #145

The lone reason I chose the Nats as my second team was to hopefully snag some more Bryce Harpers, so I was naturally happy to get this card.

2012 Pro Debut, #178 & 160

And of course I was keeping my fingers crossed for a pair of future Mets aces, Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler. Glad to add these to my collection.

No hits from the Pro Debut box, but I'm pleased with the cards I received for both teams.

The Update box didn't net me much in the way of helping complete my base set, as I only got one card towards the checklist.  At least it's a pretty cool one:

2012 Update, #US11

Great celebration shot of the eventual NL East champs.  Looks like they just wrapped up a victory at Fenway Park.  And, yes, Bryce Harper makes a cameo.  Who else?

2012 Update '87 Mini, #TM-177

I've been having poor luck with the '87 Minis from Update packs, as I've been getting hammered with duplicates. Luckily, I did not have this one.  Even if I did, my Gary Carter player collection would have received a nice addition.

2012 Topps Gold, #181

I guess this would be considered my "hit" from the Update box.  League Leader cards don't really get me jazzed up, but I'll take it since it's Jose Reyes and it's Gold.  This one is numbered 1265/2012.

That leaves us with Topps Chrome.  Thankfully, I got David Wright, but for my money this card takes the cake:

2012 Topps Chrome, #192

One of the absolute best photos from any Topps product this year.  And that's saying something since this has been a stellar year for Topps photography.  I'm kind surprised that Nieuwenhuis didn't make the Update set.  A head-scratcher for sure.

2012 Topps Chrome Refractor, #53

My "hit" from the Chrome box is this refractor of All-Star Gio Gonzalez.  Could've done better, could've done worse I suppose.  Gio is a helluva pitcher and, from what I've seen in interviews, is a quality dude.

So that's it for my group break highlights.  Thanks to Tim for running the break.  A great job with your first voyage, sir!  I look forward to future events.

But, wait!  There's more...

In addition to my group break loot, Tim hooked me up with five cards towards my Topps Series 2 set pursuit, including this high-flying Chase Utley card:

2012 Topps Series 2, #361

That means I need just THREE more cards to put a bow on the Series 2 base set.  That's THREE more cards. For those of you that have gobs of Series 2 doubles and triples laying about, take a glance at my "Wanted" page from the tab menu and let me know if you can lend a hand.

Thanks for checking in, and happy collecting!


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