Thursday, January 24, 2013

Feats of Feet and Flight

Just another quick word in regards to those Sammy Sosa "Home Run History" cards that I recently received from Kerry (Cards on Cards).  There were 33 cards in all, each one chronicling Sosa's various achievements and milestones from the 1998 season.  This particular one (card No. 46) highlights Sammy's 18 stolen bases for the season -- the most for a player who eclipsed the 60 homer mark

But, check out the photo on the back of this card:

What an action shot!!  An unusual angle [Ed. Note: Was this taken from a blimp or something?!] and, well, I can't say I've come across a card that shows an infielder getting that sort of hang time.  Not sure who the player is -- looks like a Pirate to me -- but kudos to him.  That is impressive!


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