Monday, August 5, 2013

Clubhouse Correspondence: The Toddfather

A yellow mailer bearing a Tennessee return address found its way into the Kaz mailbox recently.  A baseball card offering from fellow blogger and tremendous human being, Tim, who pays the bills and mows the lawn at Home of the Toddfather.

The cards, of course, are all perfectly selected additions to my various player collections and Mets pursuits. But, more than that, Tim included a really nice note containing belated birthday wishes, among other things.  I truly enjoy how the act of sending stuff through the mail has gotten many of us back into the old-fashioned act of hand-penning a letter.  Email, Twitter and texting hasn't killed pen and paper yet, at least in the card blogging world.

Okay, well let's get on with it then.  You clicked here to view some cards, after all.

With a pair of Fonzies, Tim has helped my Edgardo Alfonzo collection reach 65 cards.  I know it doesn't sound like a whole lot, but I'm pretty proud of the scope of my Alfonzo cache.  And while cards from his Mets days are obviously at the top of the heap, the Giants and Angels cards from Alfonzo's playing days are valued pieces, as well.

Roberto Alomar underachieved as a Met, and that may be putting it nicely.  But, he still looks good captured in a Mets uniform for eternity on a baseball card.

Is it proper to say that Albert (Joey, back then) Belle got 'bipped' on this 1990 Topps Sticker panel?  Regardless, Belle doesn't look too pleased by the intrusion.

This might be one of the most beautiful baseball cards of a Mets player ever produced.  It is true irony that it belongs to such a controversial figure [Ed. Note: Jerkface] in team annals.  Anyhow, it's a winner, especially when enhanced with the Topps Gold treatment.  In case you care, the non-Gold version of this card already has taken its place in the All-Time Mets Project lineup.  It was unavoidable!

I really need to get off my duff, point-and-click my way onto eBay, and purchase the complete Boardwalk and Baseball boxed set that Topps released in 1987.  All the cards I've come across from this set, such as this Gary Carter, have really caught my eye.

This is a first for the Clubhouse collection -- a Will Clark mini!  And, as my cracker jack research staff informs me, it's the SP version of Clark's 2013 Gyspy Queen mini.  Love it!

This surely is in the running for my favorite card from the lot.  It's Todd Hundley, it's a freakin' awesome photo, and it's from McDonald's.  If the card had arrived in a Happy Meal box with a four-piece McNuggets, I'd consider it perfect.  Instead, it'll have to settle for the 9.9 out of 10 treatment as such.

Remember when it was socially acceptable to root for A-Rod and collect his cards?  I almost feel ashamed to display anything bearing his image.  I said almost.  As I opined in a previous post, I don't intend to quit A-Rod collecting anytime soon.  This Ultra subset card from 1999 reminds us of Alex's better days.  And there were plenty.

Does anyone else out there like the 1990 Topps Sticker backs as much as I do?  Anybody?  I love getting Mickey Tettleton cards in the mail, by the way.

And, unfortunately for you, you won't be able to sidestep a helping of steaming-hot All-Time Mets Project goodness.  A trio of new players plus a pair of upgrades came the way of Tim's kindness.

1996 UD Collector's Choice Doug Henry, #627

The trade that sent Fernando Vina to the Brewers in 1994 netted New York righty reliever Doug Henry. A somewhat lopsided deal in retrospect, at least Henry gave the Mets a quality season in '95 (2.96 ERA in 51 games) before struggling through the '96 campaign (4.68 ERA, 58 games).  Notable Knowledge:  Presently the bullpen coach for Kansas City.

2008 UD "A Piece of History" Carlos Muniz, #128

I'm ashamed to admit that this name doesn't resonate at all with me.  My first reaction: Ain't this the kid from Malcom in the Middle?  Uhh, not quite.  Well, in my defense, at the time Muniz moonlighted for the Mets (2007, 2008), I was knee-deep in my work for the Class-A Wilmington Blue Rocks (K.C. Royals) and was flat worn-out and done with baseball at the end of each 15-hour work day.  So my attention to the Mets may have lapsed a tad.  [Ed. Note: This was a clarion call that work and play should never mix.]  Turns out I didn't miss much. Notable Knowledge:  Compiled a 5.61 ERA over 20 games out of the bullpen as a Met.

2004 Upper Deck Jason Roach, #13

Here's a name that I more readily recall, though perhaps for not the right reasons.  Yet, his two career big league games -- both for the Mets, both in 2003 -- were as forgettable and regrettable as can be.  A dozen runs, including three homer runs, in nine innings over two starts (both losses, might I add).  And that, dear readers, is how you accrue an ERA of 12.00.  Ouch!  Notable Knowledge:  Played in the Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh organizations following stint with Mets.

Now, neither of these are blockbuster names by any means, but both are a couple of fantastic finds due to the scarcity of cards produced for each.  Without checking, I'd wager that you're looking at the only cards made for Muniz and Roach, respectively.  At least in a big league uniform.  A big bonus for the ATMP!

These next two are players for whom I already have cards, but these new-to-me cards are upgrades over those.

1995 Upper Deck Jason Jacome, #124

This is one of the two Jacome cards contained in the mailer, but I chose this one over the '94 Bowman issue because I'm a sap for sleeve patches.  And the MLB 125th Anniversary patch is a beaut.  Regardless, either card woulda been a no-brainer choice for upgrade, as my prior Jacome card was from '95 Fleer.  'Nuff said! Notable Knowledge:  Followed up stellar debut in 1994 (2.67 ERA in 8 starts) with an abominable 10.29 ERA through five Met starts in '95.

2009 Topps Fernando Tatis, #11

Strangely, I already possess Tatis' card from the Mets Team Set that Topps produced in 2009.  I think it came to me via Fairfield repack.  And, actually, it's a pretty nice-looking horizontal card.  But, for the ATMP binder, I'm more interested in standard vertical shots for most players.  Plus, this is a great full-on closeup of Tatis rounding the bases.  Notable Knowledge:  Final three big league seasons were with New York (2008-10)

A big-time 'thank you' to the Toddfather for a very kind gesture and a fantastic assortment of loot!


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  1. That Bonilla IS pretty sweet. Gotta go gold for '93.

    Does Will Clark have any bad looking cards? If he does, I haven't seen 'em.