Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Auction Action: Knockin' Out Those SPs

Allow me to take a break from rehashing my spoils from last weekend's card show, because in today's mail arrived a much anticipated eBay score.  I was the winner of a 10-card auction from a seller who had 73 of the 75 2013 Heritage short prints to choose from, including...

Bingo!  I was super-excited to finally grab Harper's SP after striking out on all my pack busting over the past six months or so.  And most sellers don't include this one or the Trout in their "you pick 'em" SP lots because, well, just look around eBay and see how much the Harper goes for solo.  So I count myself fortunate for procuring this one as part of a package deal, all for a reasonable rate.

The rest of the lot looks like this:

I've now gathered up 55 of this year's SPs, meaning I'm within 20 of completing the super-annoying portion of the checklist.  I'm hopeful that COMC has a blowout bonanza at the end of the year like they did last year.  That's when I was able to polish off a lot of the 2012 short prints.

I'm also still shy a portion of the regular base set, too, but I'm not overly concerned about reeling those in.  Via trade or discount boxes at card shows, I'll knock those out before too long.  After all, I was able to pick up about 50 that I needed for a dime each on Sunday.

Like last year, I'm just going to enjoy the journey, though.  This year's Heritage took a little time to grow on me, but I'm fully on-board now.  I certainly have my share of complaints about this year's product -- especially the way they jammed all the biggest stars into the short-printed portion of the checklist -- but it's still a Heritage set and, therefore, lots of fun to collect.

How're all my fellow Heritage collectors out there doing?  Are you already done?  Still a long way to go?  I have a good deal of extras if anyone is in need; just drop me a line!



  1. That Longoria is a cool looking card. Really like the clouds and the way they go with the babyblue header/footer on the card.

    1. No argument here! This is indeed a very appealing set from a color combo standpoint.

  2. I have #'s 437 & 462 if you wish to trade...let me know!!