Monday, September 16, 2013

Four Topps, #644

Happily I'm back to the Four Topps routine after a quite lengthy layoff.  And boy did lay a whopper on us with this card number!  I considered titling this post "Three Reds and a Little Cubbie" for the reasons you are about the bear witness to.

On with the show...


A sharp photo and a nicely framed card of former 19-game winner John Denny, of whom I know absolutely nothing.  The 1986 season was Denny's first in the Queen City following stints with the Cards, Indians and Phils. Hey, Stat Man: Posted an 11-10 record and a 4.20 ERA for the Reds in '86.


The yellow, blue and pink color design elements at play on this card leave A LOT to be desired.  Then again, I guess we ought to just chalk it up to one of those campy little things about Topps cards that we tend to adore over time.  A pretty basic card of the former Reds backstop.  But check out the lurkers over McGriff's right shoulder.  Creepy!  Hey, Stat Man:  Played in 34 games as a rookie in 1987, swatting two homers and collecting 11 RBIs.


Prior to angrily uprooting and walking off with bases as a big league skipper, Lloyd McClendon was a baseball player for -- you guessed it -- the Cincinnati Reds.  Unlike the prior year's effort, the design and color palette utilized in the 1989 Topps set suits the Reds cards just fine.  Hey, Stat Man:  Batted .219 with three homers in 72 games for the '88 Reds.


Knock knock.  Who's there?  Orange.  Orange who?  Orange you glad this isn't another Reds player?  Speaking of orange, what was Topps thinking with the tangerine-dreamy borders for the Cubs cards in the 1990 set?  Hey, Stat Man:  Compiled an unsightly 5.21 ERA in 14 games for Cubs following acquisition from Atlanta during '89 season.

And the Winner Is:  You've got rocks in your head if you think I'm going with a Reds card here!  In all honesty, though, I just like way the blue of the wall and the green of the AstroTurf in the background compliment the deep blue of Assenmacher's jersey top.  Not buying any of that, are you?  Too bad.



  1. Gold: '87
    Silver: '90
    Bronze: '88
    Loser: '89

  2. Good idea with this feature, Mark. I enjoy it.