Monday, February 3, 2014


2002 UD Authentics

A few days ago I detailed a thoroughly neat package of cards that came my way from Marc B. from Houston, who is a brand-new blogger on the block.

Well, just a couple days after I got his cards, another delivery from Marc arrived; this time in the form of a PWE. A post script to his previous package, if you will.  But, not just any PWE: a PWE containing three cards for my ongoing All-Time Mets Project.

No household names to be found in today's entry, but that suits me just fine.  Like I stated before, the more obscure and insignificant the name, the more fun and exciting the find.

Mark Corey made his Major League debut for the Mets during the 2001 season and pitched just 14 games for the Amazins over the course of two years.  He registered just three decisions -- all losses -- and also had a marijuana-induced seizure prior to be dealt to Colorado at the 2002 deadline.  Ahh...memories.

1990 Topps Traded

The Mets signed the journeyman catcher Mercado in December of '89.  He was one of seven men to catch an inning for New York during the 1990 season.  A grand total of 42 games for Mercado as a Met, with three homers and a .211 average to his credit.

1989 ProCards

Technically, I do not include minor league issues in the ATMP binder.  But, in the case of Craig Shipley, I might have to make an exception.

Shipley, who primarily played for San Diego over an 11-year career, made a cameo for the Mets during the '89 campaign.  A scant four games with just seven official ABs, to be specific.  To my knowledge, the only other regular card of Shipley as a Met was issued as part of the Topps TV Mets set.  If you're familiar with those things, you know how tricky (impossible) they are to find.  All that being said, I'm perfectly O.K. using this ProCards '89 for Shipley until a minor miracle occurs.

Thanks for the cool contributions to my All-Time Mets Project, Marc!


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  1. Nice cards! I just barely remember the Mark Corey era, and I didn't realize there were any cards of him as a Met.

    I think Shipley might be the only Australian to play for the Mets. Justin Huber came up through the Mets system, but was traded to the Royals before he played for the Mets.... and I can't think of anybody else.