Saturday, April 27, 2013

Card Show & Tell: The Rest

Okay, this is the final post featuring cards I picked up at last weekend's show.  I promise!

This one groups together some of the odds and ends, all of which were either a nickel or dime.

With the exception of this one:

This purple refractor was in one of those 50-count plastic cases with the tag "$1 each" affixed to it.  Naturally, I had to have it!  After I was done going through the seller's discount boxes, I handed him this Wright and a big stack of 10-cent singles.  I had about 120 cards, plus this one.  He only charged me 10 bucks.  Good deal!

Since we're already discussing David Wright, here's another of the Mets' third-bagger, plus a Pedro Martinez. From the 2007 Bowman Heritage product.  Though the scan doesn't really give you the impression, these are the thick "rainbow" foil parallels.

A pair of J.T. Snows.  Can anyone help me out with the '07 Heritage on the left?  [Ed. Note: It's actually 2005; see the Comments section below!]  The front has a consistency and coloring of regular cardboard and the stock is significantly thicker.  I couldn't find anything on any of the usually-helpful hobby websites that might clue me in.

While Snow was one of the best fielding first basemen of his era, Keith Hernandez is one of the all-time defensive masters of the position.  This red "Showdown" parallel from 2005 Donruss Team Heroes was one of my favorite finds from the show!

I sure did find soime really great cards of Fonzie at last Friday's show.  Perhaps this is the most exciting photo of them all.  The ball is about to be gobbled up by Alfonzo, who began and ended his career at third base.  But, recall that Fonz played second base for the Mets on those really great defensive teams of the late '90s. Specifically, the '99 Mets infield was touted by S.I. as one of the best ever (from l-r, Ventura, Ordonez, Alfonzo and Olerud).

Last but not least, some really cool oddball HOFers...

I only wish I had unearthed more of these at the show.  The Swell set is one of my favorite of the oddball sets paying homage to the legends of the game.  I think half the NBA's superstars wear the exact same glasses that Satchel is rocking in this card.  Isn't fashion a funny and cyclical thing?

Thanks for sticking with me through this prolonged look at the highlights from the show.  Believe it or not, the monthly firehouse hobby show is tomorrow, but I'm gonna take a pass.  I've barely been able to catalog and sort the cards I brought home from last weekend.  Not that I've let that stop me before or anything, but I hate getting so far behind in the organization department!

Til next time...



  1. I've long wanted to find that Swell Satchel Paige for my collection. I've never seen another card that shows him during his pitching coach tenure with the Braves.

    Also, that Bowman Heritage Snow is one of the mahogany parallels from that set.

  2. Good info from both of you -- thanks!

  3. Whoa! That Satchell Paige is so crazy! What a card...never seen that one before.