Monday, April 29, 2013

Swing and a Pop-Up and a Trade

A couple weeks back, Bert and I were having an argument about whose state of residence is smaller.  I, nowadays a Delaware resident, and Bert, a New Hampshire chap, had quite a back-and-forth.  Lots of name calling and mud slinging.  You know, the usual rhubarb between adults regarding such things.

I know what you're thinking?  Is this really true?  And who's Bert?

Well, in reverse order, Bert is the creator and COO of Swing And A Pop-Up, a very handsome blog featuring many a fine Boston Red Sox card.

As far as the state-size argument, a bunch of fooey, should you think otherwise.  After all, that's perhaps the least believable argument subject I can think of.  But, I was hoping to rope you in, and if you're still reading, I guess it worked.

Now, even if Bert and I were having a tinkling match over our home states, one thing we can agree on is the amount of national pride one might derive from the above Robin Ventura card.  From 1989 Topps Big, kind of a cool set, albeit with cards that are just too darn big for their own good.  This Ventura was but one of the many snazzy cards Bert recently sent me in a swap of goods.

As Rockin' Robin's card as proof, Bert did a very  nice job of hitting on many of my player collection interests.

But there was more...

Now here's a beauty; 1996 Topps Finest with protective seal and all.  One of my new favorite Edgardo Alonzo cards, to be sure!

And the man that Fonzie teamed up with for many a double play in Flushing, Rey Ordonez.  I'm not a huge fan of minor league cards in general... except if they're of guys I collect.  Then, I'm pretty thrilled.  This is the first Rey-O card I have with the man rockin' Norfolk Tides threads.

Since we're talking former Mets infielders, here's an early card of the great future-HOFer, Jeff Kent. I thought for sure I had this card already, but Bert did a nice job of scanning through my player collection lists and filling this big need.

Before he came to the Mets in 1996, Carlos Baerga was a hittin' machine for the up-and-coming Tribe teams of the early '90s.  The way he used to terrorize the Yankees was a thing of beauty!

Baerga.  Indians.  Ramirez.  Stream of consciousness blogging... Manny being Manny on the great 1996 Bowman design.  I wish Bowman's base cards were still as attractive and unique as this.  They seem so, well, mailed-in nowadays.

Boy, Flair sure did make gorgeous cards back then.  This HoJo is a glossy piece of art.  No wonder I could never afford to buy packs of this stuff back in '93 and '94.

Speaking of art, I couldn't possibly love and appreciate these two 1994 Upper Deck "The Future is Now" cards any more.  And it's crazy to think that four years later, this duo would comprise the 3-4 hitters in the Mets batting order.  Man, how I long for those days!

And, finally, perhaps I alone could find this card to be the true prize of the trade package...

Good grief, I love me some Butch Huskey cards.  And anytime someone dredges up one that I don't have and sails it may way, I'm always elated.  This has to be one of Butch's all-time best cards, without question.  Fitting pose and facial expression for a man who used to stride to the plate at Shea Stadium to strains of "Hypnotize" by the Notorious B.I.G.

Bert, a monumentally great trade package, sir -- thank you!!  Our first trade, and hopefully not our last.

And remember, should we ever really joust about our diminutive states, Delaware is The First State.

Just sayin'...


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