Sunday, April 14, 2013


My buddy Tim at Home of the Toddfather wasn't joking when he said he was going to be mailing me a "Plan Blue Envelope" with a few 2013 Topps blue Wal-Mart parallels!  This "PBE" arrived on Saturday.

Boy, we bloggers/collectors truly are slaves to our craft, are we not?  Bravo, Tim, thanks for being creative!

Onto the contents:

Three more blues towards the cause, and now my count is up to 230 cards.  I'm 70% complete and just 100 cards away from putting this set to sleep!

But, there was more.  Like getting a couple of insert "hits" in a pack of cards, I got a pair of bonus cards in this particular envelope.

2006 SP Legendary Cuts of Will the Thrill.  A great-looking card of a man who -- as the back of the card points out -- never batted below .280 in any of his 15 big league seasons.

And a 2009 Upper Deck X insert of Jose Reyes.  A rough weekend for Mr. Reyes, as he'll be on the shelf for a little bit after suffering an ankle injury in Kansas City on Friday night.  He sure has been a snake-bitten guy when it comes to injuries over the course of his career.  Hopefully he'll bounce back in quick fashion.

Thanks for the great cards, Brother Tim!


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