Monday, April 1, 2013

A Blaster from the Bunny

For the umpteenth straight year, the ol' Easter Bunny didn't disappoint me.  In my basket this year, a blaster of 2013 Topps Heritage.  It looks like he (she?) went shopping at Target from the looks of the above Pujols red parallel.

I got 20 new base cards towards my checklist.  Above are the three SPs yielded from the blaster.  I didn't already have any of the three, whew!  In fact, getting this Kemp allows me to trade the color variation Kemp SP that I had acquired in my hobby box purchase last month.  The Night Owl has dibs on it, assuming he still wants it!

A couple of nice inserts, but neither being the best of "my favorite insert" of the box.

That honor goes to:

I might as well put this card in a screw-down, prop it up in the corner and place a votive candle in front of it. In the wake of his recent (re)injury, I think we've seen the last of Mr. Santana in blue and orange, and perhaps in baseball.  While his overall contributions to the Mets over the duration of his contract don't quite justify the dollar amount, you cannot put a price tag on the otherworldly thrill Johan gave all us Mets fans with his no-hitter in 2012.

Finally, a really cool chrome refractor "hit" of one of my newer favorites:

Joey Bats is another one of those players -- along with Andrew McCutchen, Mike Stanton and Jesus Montero -- that I've decided to give more love and attention to when it comes to cards.

So, cheers to you, Bunny, for a nice blaster in my Easter basket!

Oh, and for those snickering at a grown man still having an Easter basket:  As long as I keep getting baseball cards (and candy) in my basket, I'll keep having an Easter basket, thank you very much!


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