Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Archives Ahoy!

When I was at my local card shop -- The Collector's Box in Newark, Del. -- last week, I found a stack of promotional post cards near the register.   Their purpose: to herald the coming of 2013 Archives, along with some hobby-exclusive bells and whistles.

Can we please retire the "mom threw out my cards" schtick?  

Maybe your dad is Luke Perry?  

I didn't have a chance to swing by the store today to investigate these 25-cent packs (that's on the agenda for Thursday), but it's clearly worth a look.

As for the "Week 2" festivities, all I can say is, Damn we've all gotten old!  Are we really talking about "dad's old cards from the '80s" here?  The '80s!?  Shoot, how old is dad?  Anyhow, if a stack of '88 Topps will get me a new pack of cards with a "unique" parallel and a possible autograph, then count me in!

As for this year's Archives product...  Count me among those who thought the new cards were hitting shelves on the 29th.  However, I see the release date is actually this Friday, the 31st.  Kinda strange, no?  Wednesdays are usually new card days for Topps, or so I thought.  Anyhow, I'm starting to get excited for this set, especially since a quarter of the 200-card set features the 1990 base card design.  [Ed. Note: No, that isn't a tongue-in-cheek comment, actually.]

I'm absolutely looking forward to the weekend when bloggers from coast to coast will be posting the results of blaster breaks and pack rips, etc.  Always an exciting time!  I hope to find myself a blaster box to enjoy and share on the ol' blog, as well.



  1. Old cards from the 80's??? I'm going to buy up some repacks!

  2. Shoot, the only thing my dad had to do with cards in the 1980's was most likely thinking that I was too old to be collecting them. :-)

  3. I'm so excited about the Archives that I almost went and bought a box of the football verison. I may be the creeper that stands at Walmart past midnight waiting for them to put it on the shelves tonight. Can't wait...

  4. Reminds me of the time I heard Skid Row on classic rock radio. Dad is officially old.