Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ain't That Odd: Happy Birthday, Steve Garvey!

I thought I was having early warning signs of a stroke a few minutes ago when my blogroll was littered with "Happy Birthday, Steve Garvey" posts.

But, after poking around for a few minutes I traced the epicenter of this phenomenon to a quasi-contest post on the GCRL blog.  Indeed, it is Garvey's birthday, and the former Dodger and Padre is one of Jim's boyhood heroes.  So, I figured I'd help feed the disease and have a little fun by posting a Garvey card of my own.  But, the rebel I am, I chose one from his San Diego days.

I've got a little one due any day now myself, and I'm all about helping celebrate Christmastime birthdays.

So, raise a mug to Mr. Garvey, and may the blog takeover in his name continue all day long...


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