Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Four Topps, #325

It's been a while, so let's jump back into the Four Topps feature!  As usual, today's card number comes courtesy of Random.org.  So let's take a look at what card no. 325 has to offer between the years of 1987 and 1990, the four years that were the foundation of my card collecting days.


Is this not a serious looking dude or what?  Garry "Don't You Dare Forget the Second R" Templeton appeared in multiple All-Star Games during his career and also snared a pair of Silver Slugger awards at the shortstop position.  The back of the card tells us that "Garry and his wife are the parents of 3 children."  Hey, Stat Man: Templeton hit .247 with 25 extra-base hits for the Padres in 1986.


It looks like Hubbard was all about the "business in front, party in the back" approach to grooming.  For some reason, Atlanta Braves cards from the '88 set do very little for me in the excitement department.  But, I do miss the good ol' days when Atlanta was a second division team.  Hey, Stat Man:  Established a career high with 33 doubles in 1987.


This is the second time we've come across Barfield since this feature got started.  Previously we saw Jesse's 1990 Topps card as part of the inaugural Four Topps entry.  He was a Yankee on that card, while we see a very happy Barfield in Toronto blue on this one.  I really like the Blue Jays cards from the '89 set.  Just something about those shades of blue.  Hey, Stat Man:  Contributed nine game-winning RBI to the '88 Jays.


There are lots of puzzling things in life; things we may never understand in our mortal shells.  One of them is why Topps used lime green accents on the S.F. Giants cards in 1990.  Oh well, I do appreciate it in a nonsensical way.  Then again, I like 1990 Topps, so you can't go by my biased eyes.  Hey, Stat Man:  Robby led the National League with 11 triples in 1989.

And the Winner Is:  At first glance I wasn't crazy about any of them but, as with most cards, the more you gaze at 'em the better appreciation you garner.  So, in the battle of players whose first names each contain a double letter (didn't think I noticed, did you?), I'll crown the '90 Robby Thompson the winner of this bunch, narrowly ousting Garry and his blue sky.



  1. Gold: 1990
    Silver: 1989
    Bronze: 1988
    Loser: 1987

    If these "Four Topps" were college basketball conferences, #325 would be like the Atlantic Sun, not very strong.