Monday, November 25, 2013

Clubhouse APB: Unfinished Sets!

Sunday marked the first card show I had a chance to sneak off to in quite some time.  Well, maybe it wasn't that long of a layoff.  It may have only been a month or six weeks, but it seemed like a long time to me anyways.

One of my goals was to finish off some of my lingering 2013 set needs.  And while I was able to do okay for the most part, I'm still short on three specific fronts.

I found five of the 10 cards I need to polish off the 425-card base set from this year's Heritage offering.  That includes everyone's favorite baseball hero, Mr. Rodriguez.

I'm still shy these five:

41 -- Jeter/Trout "Friendly Foes"
54 -- Ron Gardenhire
135 -- Dominic Brown
157 -- Charlie Manuel
190 -- Derek Jeter

Two managers.  Two Phillies.  Two Jeters.  What the flippin' heck?!

Series 2 Topps was another set I had high hopes of putting a major dent in, or even putting to sleep.  

I figured it would be a snap finding all 13 of the cards I required for a completed Series 2, yet this Seth Smith was one of just three I could scrounge up in the oasis of dime boxes.  I probably could have snagged more, but that would have required me spending upwards of a quarter per card.  And I have a hang up about spending more than a nickel or dime on Topps base cards.

Here are the remaining 10 from Series 2 that I'm lacking:

504 -- Michael Bourn
513 -- Zach McAllister
542 -- Jeff Niemann
561 -- Josh Vitters
584 -- Alfonso Soriano
601 -- Brandon Moss
646 -- Phillippe Aumont
648 -- Dan Straily
649 -- Ryan Hannigan
658 -- David Freese

Nothing too exciting here, though the Hannigan card is one of the most pleasing of the "catcher in action" photographs from the entire set.

Finally, I figured to do some heavy lifting with 2013 Archives.  The collation is so shoddy with this product that I had resigned from buying any more packs and decided to attack the rest of the checklist via card shows and trades.

Twenty-seven cards at a dime apiece made me a pretty happy camper.  Despite this hefty effort, I'm left looking at 20 gaps in my checklist.

1 -- Babe Ruth
6 -- Adrian Gonzalez
13 -- Ryan Zimmerman
30 -- Yu Darvish
43 -- Starling Marte
48 -- Ryne Sandberg
49 -- Alcides Escobar
51 -- Carlos Gonzalez
55 -- CC Sabathia
69 -- Eddie Mathews
73 -- Aroldis Chapman
83 -- Jim Johnson
86 -- Jackie Robinson
87 -- AJ Burnett
108 -- Austin Jackson
122 -- RA Dickey
139 -- Matt Holiday
186 -- Brett Lawrie
198 -- Jason Heyward
200 -- Mike Trout

Was that Trout card short-printed or what?  Sheesh!  

Anyhow, any and all help would be appreciated.  If you've got a box of dupes and would like to lend a hand, shoot me an email or leave a comment.  I'm sure we can work out some sort of exchange.

Thanks for checking in!


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  1. doing the same here and had the box of Heritage open sitting next to me when I opened this post.

    I could only find one for you - 41 Friendly Foes - but I do have the Series 2 base and could probably pull a lot of the Archives as well.

    And if are that close to completing the Wal•Mart blue cards, I probably have some of those too.

    But I can't find your email address....