Monday, November 11, 2013

Mega Box?

Have you seen and/or picked up one of these yet?  I was at Target earlier today and spied this on the shelf.  Having heard about these through the hobby grapevine previously, I was curious to pick one up and see what sort of luck I'd have with the two "exclusive" Topps Chrome Traded packs.

Pack 1

A pretty decent haul from the first pack.  Three All-Stars, highlighted by Bryce Harper, and a black refractor numbered 42/99.

Pack 2

The second go-round wasn't as exciting as the first crack, but the Rendon rookie is a nice get.  I also found it interesting that the insert cards were still in the mix.  I wasn't expecting that.

Nothing sexy to speak of in any of the five regular Update packs, in case you were wondering.

Should we really consider these "mega boxes?"  They carry a $14.99 price tag, which might be the "mega" part, I suppose.  And the regular packs aren't even of the 12-card variety; instead just eight cards per pack.  Still, it was fun ripping into the Chrome packs, and that is the true allure of these boxes anyhow.


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  1. One of my packs was the same as your first one except I didn't get the black parallel.