Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Set Collecting Goodness

A big tip of the cap to friend of the blog Robert from $30 a Week Habit, as he sent along a nice congratulatory package of cards to help welcome the newest member of the Kaz family to the world.  While little Gabriel is not yet two weeks old and cannot comprehend anything beyond feeding and napping, his old man is very appreciative of this most wonderful gesture.

It's tough to say what the true centerpiece of the package was since each component touched on a set-collecting campaign that is near and dear.  Robert, a fellow set collector, pushed all the right buttons with this latest act of kindness.

Right off the bat, the above Vlad Guerrero SP from 2011 Heritage got my engines revved up.  The short prints from '11 Heritage are tough to come by, so any addition is a blessed event.  And this one, y'know, is Vladimir Guerrero.  He's kind of a big deal!  Still a long way to go with this set, but enjoying the ride!

Next up, a pair of Heritage parallels from the 2012 edition:

I really love the black bordered variations, especially those from the '12 collection.  I've now managed to collect 30 of them.  I can't imagine tracking down all 100, so I won't pretend to dream of such a challenge.  But, that doesn't mean I won't attempt to get my mitts on as many as possible.  At this point I'd settle for four full binder pages.

Last but not least, the most vintage set I'm working on is '77 Topps.  And now I'm five cards closer to accomplishing that goal...

Lots of great hair styles, blue skies, fancy airbrushing, and even a bat barrel photo make this is a pretty lively lot of cards.  The hat-less Torrez is a personal favorite.

Once again, thanks much for the great loot, Robert!  Maybe I'll finish off one or more of these sets before Gabe graduates from high school!


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  1. Glad you liked them Mark!! Best of luck with the new addition to your family, hope baby and mama are doing well...