Friday, January 31, 2014

Clubhouse Correspondence: Home Sweet Dome

It's always a great day when you discover a good new sports card blog.  And even better when you strike up your first trade with the man behind said blog.

Marc B. from Houston, TX is behind a little operation called Remember the Astrodome, so obviously you know he's a fan of those wild and wonderful Astros.  I learned about his blog via Robert at $30 a Week Habit.  Since Robert doesn't suffer fools, I figured it would be a safe and dandy idea to holler over to Marc and see about striking up a trade.  And, well, here we are.

It this initial encounter, Marc dialed up a fantastic assortment of cards for my player collections, including so many tremendous numbers from that beloved and infamous era of cardboard overproduction.

You know, funny thing about that "junk wax" era (I use the term lovingly, of course, since it's what I grew up with), every day you seemingly tend to discover cards that you had no idea even existed.  And each time, you say to yourself: How is it that I missed this one?!

Example A-1 of this theory is displayed atop today's post.  I can't tell you how much '92 Score I bought in them days, or how many 15/$1 boxes I've combed through at countless shows, yet I don't think I've ever come across this cardboard masterpiece.  Without a doubt, it's one of the top Will Clark cards in my collection.

Speaking of The Thrill...

It's bizarre enough to look at Clark in a St. Louis uniform, but to see it on a Pacific Omega card just amplifies the strangeness.  Don't get me wrong, I kinda like the design that's happening here, but I think this might be the first of these cards that I own.

If you've got a White Sox card from any of the '91 sets, the chances are pretty good that the player is wearing one of these throwback unis.  They're everywhere!  I think '91 Topps and Stadium Club were the biggest offenders, though this isn't necessarily a crime.  Let's face it, these threads are kinda cool.  And so is this card of Rockin' Robin.

I've never been an overly huge fan of '92 Pinnacle, but when I see cards like this, I can definitely understand those who are.  The blue Expos jersey and batting helmet create a nice contrast against the hallmark black bordering of this product.

Another entry from 1992, this time Donruss.  I'm thinking long and hard, and I cannot recall scanning too many cards from this set.  In fact, I can't think of any.  I'm sure I could easily do a quick search of the blog and find out for myself, but that sounds like too much work for a Friday night.  I'll just enjoy this great Todd Zeile card instead; another card that is new to my eyes.

Leaf's early '90s sets are a study in drab and dreary.  Lots of slate gray, lots of right angles, and little imagination.  But, if you put the right photo within the harsh frame, you'll find yourself with a pretty dandy card.

I've seen this card around plenty and I feel like I should own it five times over.  Yet, this is the very first copy of Carlos Baerga's 1995 Topps card in my possession.  I really like this card because it perfectly captures the essence of a man who enjoyed his job and played the game with all his heart.

Back when K-Mart had a pretty impressive hobby section, I bought a box of 2000 Upper Deck Victory and accumulated a good amount of these Junior Circuit cards.  I thought I had most of them...until Marc dropped nearly 20 more in my lap.  Most excellent!

Mets card?  Check.  Player I collect?  Check   Super-cool oddball?  Check!  I always think back to my grammar school days when I see any SI for Kids cards.  My friends and I would always jockey for first dibs at the magazine rack in the school library when the newest SI4K would arrive.  I was chubby and slow, but I would always conjure up a quickness that got me to those cards before anyone else.

Let's finish up with perhaps my favorite parallel set in recent years.  I don't care that it's Ryan Braun -- he didn't murder anybody -- I'm always thrilled to acquire a new 2012 Heritage Target black parallel for my collection.  I've now got 31 of the 100-card set.  Not too shabby!

Marc, thanks for going above and beyond on our inaugural trade.  I look forward to future exchanges!

And definitely go check out Marc's blog and give his nicely organized 'want' lists a look!


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  1. I love that '92 Score Clark. I found my copy in a dime binder (yes, binder) at the local flea market last year. Like you, I hadn't seen it in-person or on the blogs before I snagged my copy.

    This is the first I'm learning of that '95 Baerga. Another fantastic card for a guy who had a lot of good ones during his career.