Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Card Show Pickups, Pt. 2

Submitted for your approval, another six pack of discount-box cards I snagged at Sunday's hobby show in Newark, Del.

2001 Fleer Red Sox 100th Pedro Martinez, #83
One of the quarter boxes had a decent run of cards from Fleer's 2001 "Red Sox 100th" set, celebrating a century of Sox baseball.  The base cards and the subset, "Beantown's Best", are pretty nice looking.  I didn't get too carried away, though, and just yanked the regular Pedro and the one you see above for my player collection.

1993 Fleer Ultra All-Rookie Team Mike Piazza, #7
Of course I have to get a Mike Piazza (or two or three or four) when I'm at a card show.  And, I'm always a sucker for early-90s Fleer inserts.  Especially when they're Fleer Ultra inserts.  This particular card meets most of the major requisites of a Fleer insert.  Multiple font sizes and styles -- check.  Photoshopped action photo -- check. Neon and/or flashy colors -- check.  I love it!

2000 Pacific Aurora Alex Rodriguez, #135
Maybe I'm crazy, but I might miss Pacific's baseball output more so than any of the other companies.  The card designs made every player seem important, whether their name may be Alex Rodriguez or Jose Vizcaino.  And don't even get me started on their Crown collection with the fancy die cuts.  Those are just amazing!

1992 Fleer Team Leaders Darryl Strawberry, #16
Yup, another Fleer insert.  I was happy to find a few of these green-bordered "Team Leaders" cards in one of the boxes.  Always a favorite of mine, especially considering how difficult they were to come by in '92 Fleer packs.  I guess my inner 12 year old emerges and I get a tad giddy whenever I see these.

1991 Score Hot Rookie Frank Thomas, #4
I had only one "Hot Rookie" from this insert set when I was growing up.  And it was former Giants catching prospect Steve Decker (who?!).  I was never lucky enough to get the good ones like Kevin Maas or this guy, The Big Hurt.  And now that I'm a grown-up with a  mortgage, and cards from this era are regarded as refuse, I am able to fulfill all my boyhood collecting aspirations.  Hooray for me.

2012 Topps Wal-Mart David Wright, #187
Certainly, a David Wright card was on Sunday's shopping list also.  I like the Wal-Mart blue parallels better than Target's red-bordered cards.  Regardless I want both issues for my Wright collection.  One down, one to go, I suppose.

I think I might do one more card show post before I put this theme to bed.  It won't be baseball card oriented, though. Stay tuned!



  1. If you ever come across some of the Splendid Splinters or Yawkey's Heroes insert sets from the Fleer Red Sox 100th I will gladly trade for them. I need almost all of them still. I also need only one more base card, #53 Dick Radatz.

  2. Every time you feature a Dodger Piazza I don't have, I get a little jealous ... then I think of how much work I have to do to update the Piazza checklist when I obtain a Piazza card and the jealousy goes away.

    I don't miss Pacific at all. But that's because it existed when I wasn't collecting.