Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trade Talk: Lifetime Topps Project

I recently wrapped up a very enjoyable trading experience with Charlie at the awesome blog Lifetime Topps Project.  I must tell you, long before I began blogging, LTP was one of those blogs I'd visit regularly because, well, it's a great blog.  It's well-written and neatly organized, plus the "project" that Charlie is working on is one that I can absolutely get behind.  As a fellow lover of all things Topps, I view his journey through green lenses. So, having the chance to strike up a trade with him was a true honor.  And, it turns out that he's a really cool guy on top of it all.

I had some Topps base cards from the early '90s and some inserts from recent years to help out his want lists and, in return, he hooked me up quite handsomely with some of my set needs.  Specifically, he helped put a major dent in the 2012 Archives set.  He had 25 base cards I needed, and even a short-print:

2012 Archives SP, #239
The acquisition of these cards put me right on the precipice of finishing the Archives set.  The 25 base cards Charlie flipped me plus those I picked up at the recent card show left me just 15 cards shy of crossing another collecting goal of my list.

But, Archives wasn't the lone set Charlie assisted me with.  There was also 2012 Heritage:

2012 Heritage, #72
Ten great cards from Heritage '12 -- including Carlos Santana -- to put me that much closer to closing the book on that set.

And speaking of Heritage, Charlie included 11 cards from the 2011 edition:

2011 Heritage, #238
As much as I love the 2012 set, I think the '11 Heritage set is my favorite.  Any time I get cards I need towards the base set or SP list, I'm a happy man.  And when cards of players like Ichiro are in the mix, it's an even better deal!

But, we're still not done!  Charlie noticed I had an ABP for 2011 Topps Cognac cards on my "Wanted!" list, and was able to contribute a stack of them towards my quest.

2011 Topps Update Cognac, #US273
I know collectors are generally split on these things, but I happen to really love these cognac-colored parallels from the Diamond Anniversary set.  I will probably become Governor of Alaska before I complete the cognac set, but collecting as many of these as possible will still be a worthwhile and enjoyable task.

Thanks for a great trade, Charlie.  And continued success with your Lifetime project!


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  1. Thanks for the trade (and the kind words)!

    Good luck getting toward the end of those Heritage sets! I've got to agree, I do love that '62 design - though I've got new-found appreciation for the 63's after this year's Heritage set. Two of the best designs of any era in my mind.