Thursday, July 12, 2012

2011 Heritage Love

So guess what?  The lovely and wonderful Mrs. K surprised me this evening with a beautiful blaster box of 2011 Topps Heritage!  A parcel came in the mail for her today, and I figured it was some trinket or other that she ordered from Amazon or perhaps a new My Little Ponies t-shirt.  But, no!  Instead, when she came from from work and opened the box, this guy was inside....for ME!

I've gotta hand it to Mrs. K.  She's very sneaky, and is really getting sharp when it comes to buying me cards. On top of that, she gets a gold star for exceptional listening skills, as I was recently bemoaning the fact that I didn't really buy any of the 2011 Hertiage product -- a set that honors the super-cool 1962 Topps design.  So, not only did she not tune me out when I was talking about baseball cards, but she actually remembered what I said. That's gotta be the definition of love, no?

Not sure why I deserved this awesome surprise, but far be it from me to question her thoughtful gesture. I secretly think she is just trying to get extra mentions on the ol' blog.  Or perhaps it's an attempt to soften me up before we spend the weekend with her family.  Ha!  I'm kidding, of course.  Though, I think I might save this for the weekend.  I mean, it can't hurt to have a contingency plan in case family weekend turns sour, you know?

Okay, okay.  Seriously, I'm only kidding.  Her family is fine [Ed. Note: Sometimes.].  But, I will probably save this for the weekend, when I have some time to open, enjoy and digest the goodness that is Heritage.

And, naturally, I will share my findings in a forthcoming post.

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