Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Birthday. Starring George Thomas Seaver!

So, it is my birthday today.  Not much for the fanfare and extra attention, but it does have its merits.  For instance, when I got up for my morning jog, I found that my wonderful wife, Mrs. K, put a little gift bag atop my laptop.  Within, encased in a penny sleeve and toploader, was the card below -- 1976 Tom Seaver Record Breaker.  Very cool!!  Just a little something to start my day off right, according to her.

Happy Birthday to me!

I can't recall having seen this card before.  I most certainly would have remembered such an amazing photo.  Tom Terrific, The Franchise, staring in to get the sign.  Looks like he might be pitching in Cincy.  This is a great shot -- especially considering it's a freakin' Record Breaker card, not even his primary issue.  Love it!

See, this is why we got married!  Haha...okay, maybe just one of the many, many, MANY reasons.  [Ed. Note: She monitors this blog]  But, in all seriousness, it is great to have a spouse who "gets" you.  The whole baseball card thing was a complete unknown to her before me, but she always manages to mix in a card-related gift during special occasions or holidays.  For her to venture out of her comfort area and get me a vintage card like this is a pretty big deal, and it means a lot.  

Now, I'm not even going to ask how or where she got this...or how much she paid.  We all know how sports card hucksters -- especially on the internet -- prey on those uninitiated.  But, whatever the price, you can't put a value on memories.  

And, this card will remain a special part of my collection for years to come.


  1. Having a wife that "gets it" is the best. Mine just let me spend a huge chunk of change for a huge pile of cards. Oh, and happy birthday!

    1. Yes, congrats on your Hochevar acquisition! And thank you for the b'day wishes.