Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Tonight, I will be participating in my first-ever group break, and I'm pretty excited for it.  Over at Christopher's blog, Crackin Wax at 8 p.m. eastern time, it'll be Box Buster Bingo, or BoBuBingo for short.  It turns out this is the first group break that Christopher has hosted, though it's not his first go-round with the bingo event.  The box that is being busted is 2012 A&G, a card set I have no experience with this year or previously (other than living vicariously through other bloggers).  My team selection is, of course, the Mets.

If you're not familiar, BoBuBingo melds together a baseball card group break and the fun of a traditional bingo game.  Every participant is given a bingo card with a random assortment of numbers correlating to the the numbers on the back of the A&G base cards.  As Christopher opens the packs and announces the number of each card, we players hope in earnest to a get a straight or diagonal line on our bingo cards.  If you get a 'bingo', you get to choose a 'hit' that has been pulled (or you get dibs on the first hit that is pulled).  Thus even if, say, a David Wright relic card is pulled, I'm not guaranteed to ever hold it because someone who gets a bingo has the opportunity to swipe it from me during the game.  Likewise, if I get bingo I can swipe an auto or relic card from another participant.  Get it?

I can only hope...

Furthermore, if you fill up your entire bingo card, you will automatically get every 'hit' that is pulled!  There's lots of additional minutia within the rules and regulations, but I won't dissect that here.  Hit up Christopher's site for the full picture.  Regardless of the swiping (and sniping?), you are guaranteed to get every base card from the team you signed up for, so that's cool.  You're just not guaranteed the 'hits', aka autos, relics, box toppers, numbered cards, etc.

This has the makings of a lot of mayhem, but mostly a lot of fun.  

I'm absolutely looking forward to it!  

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