Monday, July 2, 2012

Relic Cards and Stickers. Starring Brian Wilson's Beard

Howdy all!  Feeling kind of good about this particular Monday.  After all, we're but two days from the Fourth, and a short work week to boot.  Nothing wrong with that.  Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and stayed safe.  I know here in the mid-Atlantic, some areas were hit pretty hard by some violent storms.  Luckily, we did not lose power or sustain any damage, so thank the Good Lord for that.

On to business.  So, I'm going through portions of my collection that a strewn about in every which way in my "man room", as Mrs. K calls it.  Basically, it looks like my bedroom growing up, except without the bed. Anywho, I'm pretty confident I don't have anywhere near the volume of boxes, bins and binders that many of you do.  I'm a lifelong collector, but was kind of off and on for a decade span from the late '90s to the mid '00s.  So, what I have could have been a lot more.  Even so, I guess what I have would seem excessive to a non-collector.  Everything is relative, right?

After an evening of going through stuff (intermittently watching the Mets revert to Little League status and throw away a 3-1 lead against the Dodgers) , I figured I should start to list cards on my trade list page ("For Trade", which can be found under the near-empty Shea Stadium banner above) that I'm trying to move.  I have to assume there are others out there like myself who are trying to build and/or finish their 2012 Topps sets, whether they be the regular issue, Archives, or Heritage.  I mean, that's a big part of the reason I began this blog undertaking -- to connect with others who are in a similar situation.  Hopefully, I can help someone out who is trying to complete a set.  

In that trade list are some of those pesky "insert" sets that we all know and love.

Among them, how about an Archives relic of Brian Wilson?

Can beard trimmings be a relic?

I really like the looks of these, but not the player featured.  I never could get excited about a card of a closer.  Ironically enough, Wilson was the first Golden Giveway card I unlocked, also.  Thankfully, somehow someone took the bait and flipped me a David Wright in exchange.  I certainly won't hold my breath for a repeat, but if there any SF Giants collectors out there, or even someone ambitiously trying to build a relic set, have at it.  I'd love to trade with you!

Then there are the very polarizing manufactured relics: Historical Stitches and Retired Numbers.  I've not bought too many blasters, but I've got a few of these, including Sparky Anderson:

Don't call him George.

I actually do very much like the Retired Numbers cards.  But, a manager card is about as exotic as a card of a closer in my view.  Tigers collectors, are you out there?  As for the stitches, I'll pass.  A card of both Al Kaline (another Tiger) and Albert Belle can be found on the trade page.  [Ed. Note: I am a collector of Albert Belle, but don't know if I want that chunky, clunky thing mixed in with the regular cards.  I've got issues, I know.]

Assorted odds and ends, you say?  Well, while we're on the topic of relics, I've got these two from 2004 Cracker Jack, which is a pretty neat set, I must say.

A closer from Canada, eh?

Did he un-retire yet?

Now, I know there are oodles of Dodger and Cubs collectors around this network of bloggers.  Can we not find a proper home for these?  For those not familiar, these cards are "minis" and not full-size.  But, they are still tons of fun!  I bought a few blasters of Cracker Jack back in the day and, along with these, also got a Piazza and Pujols, both of which are snug in my player collections.

Okay, finally I figured I'd at least take a shot in the dark with these: 2011 Topps Stickers.  

That's Giancarlo to you.

Maybe, just maybe, someone is still trying to finish their '11 sticker album or set?  I kind of gave up after a while.  I guess the thrill of completing the sticker album wasn't what it was when I was 10.  It's still a neat idea.  And the sticker cards have some pretty decent photography, as with Mike Stanton above.  So, if you're not into the sticker album or adding an oddball to your player collection, maybe you can use these to seal envelopes?  Hey, I'm trying!

Okay, nothing exactly groundbreaking here.  By all means, give me a shout if you find anything you're partial to or need for your set.  If nothing else, I just wanted to make you aware I'm starting to populate some of my pages with actual info.  More to come over the next week or so.  The long holiday weekend will afford me some time for that, I'm sure.


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  1. I would love to take that Brian Wilson off your hands. Let me see what I have from the guys you collect.