Friday, August 24, 2012

Club 200, N.Y.

First there was Darryl, and then Mike...

I don't need to tell you what a bummer this season has been for the team from Flushing, NY.  What was a pretty impressive ledger through the All-Star break has turned into a complete and utter nightmare for the Mets over the past month.  From Wild Card contenders to Bad News Bears in the blink of an eye.  They can't pitch, they can't hit, and they certainly can't field.

Happy 50th birthday, Mets, I guess.

But, even in the throes of this truly awful season, the Mets have given their fans a few things to remember for a long time.  Obviously the Johan Santana no-hitter -- the first in franchise history -- is an event no Mets fan will ever forget.

And now you can add David Wright's name to an exclusive list of Mets hitters.

...and now there's David!

With his solo home run off Houston starter Jordan Lyles in the bottom of the fourth inning Friday night, Wright became only the third player ever to compile 200 career home runs in a Mets uniform.

Here's what the Mets' career home run list looks like:

1.  Darryl Strawberry.....252
2.  Mike Piazza............220
3.  David Wright............200

David will most likely surpass Piazza's New York total next year, and could possibly be the all-time Queens slugger by the 2014 season -- assuming Sandy Alderson and Mets front office don't commit a most heinous crime by letting Wright walk away.  This is the same franchise that once traded it's greatest-ever player, Tom Seaver, so nothing's out of the question.

But, there will plenty of time this off-season to shred the Mets franchise and its botched handling of personnel on a perennial basis.

Tonight is a time to celebrate the great career of David Wright.

Cheers to you, No. 5!


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  1. Not a bad trio at all. Wright is truly the face of the franchise and needs to be resigned NOW. Great post.