Thursday, August 30, 2012

From Basketball to Baseball to Basketball to...Hot Dogs?

1995 Collector's Choice, #500

The 1991 Upper Deck card of Michael Jordan that Marcus sent me last weekend got me thinking: Hey, don't I have another Michael Jordan baseball card lying around somewhere?

Why, yes.  Yes I do.

I actually pulled this one out of a Collector's Choice hobby pack all the way back in 1995.  At the time, I thought I could drop out of school and just live off the peripheral riches of this card for the vast majority of my adult life.  I was also 15 years old and, well, you know the rest.  It was a hysterical time for the hobby.

Anyhow, many years later this card sits in a dusty penny sleeve and barely gets a thought.  Nonetheless, it's a pretty great card.  It's a picture of a photographer taking a picture of the baseball player Michael Jordan.  I bet if you looked long and hard, you could find a parallel version of this card in which a photographer is taking a picture of the photographer taking a picture of the baseball player Michael Jordan.  I could go on, but this joke could get old and/or confusing in a hurry.

Look at Michael run!  Run Michael, run!

ESPN ran a pretty interesting documentary -- last year, I think -- on Jordan and his baseball fling.  The act of Michael Jordan swinging a baseball bat was as awkward a sight as, say, Michael Jordan selling hot dogs.

Or underpants.

Nonetheless, when your name is Michael Jordan you can pretty much do whatever you'd like.  Plus, if someone was giving me millions of bucks, I'd shill for just about anything.  But, I digress.

Looking back on it, the whole MJ baseball era was kind of cool.  Yes, yes, I've heard all the same stories you have.  About the gambling and David Stern and blah blah blah.  Probably all true, who knows.  Regardless, this is Michael Jordan.  And for a larger-than-life figure like Jordan to try on baseball for size is a pretty fantastic thing.

And, in case we ever let that sliver of time fall into obscurity, cards like Collector's Choice #500 will always be there to remind us.


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