Friday, March 7, 2014

My Friday Fix

Friday shoulda been the day that 2014 Topps Heritage arrived on hobby and retail shelves around the country. But, well, you know... sometimes Topps happens.  And, as a result, another week we'll forced to wait.

Nonetheless, a little dose of eBay magic makes everything all better.  Especially when I can find a color bordered variation of one of my favorite cards from the 2013 Heritage set.  I should be hoarding my resources to polish off the remaining pieces of the short print checklist, but I couldn't resist this Target red Bryce Harper.

I don't envision myself completing any of the colored variation sets, but they sure are fun to collect!

Likewise, I had to get my hands on this one.  I've had my eye on this 2013 Archives SP of Otis Nixon for a long time, and was extremely happy to find a a copy for under a buck shipped.  Probably my favorite card -- SP or otherwise -- from this past year's Archives set.  It's especially effective because I think it perfectly carries the vibe of the '92 Topps set, which included a lot of interesting photography.

Otis will make a grand addition to my horizontal card frankenset.


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