Sunday, March 23, 2014

Not Heritage

I've been in a 2014 Heritage cocoon for over a week now, and I guess I should come out and take a breath, no?

Bringing me back to earth is this pack of 1988 Fleer that came in one of those repack boxes that my local hobby shop sells.  Every once in a while they'll throw a junk wax pack in there because, well, how else are you gonna get rid of them?

Anyhow, it's still fun to open a pack of cards, no matter the brand or the year.  So let's check it out!

#527 -- Franklin Stubbs, Dodgers

The first card out of the pack.  Fitting on this day, I suppose, as the Dodgers are fresh off a two-game sweep of the Snakes this weekend in Australia.

In case you forgot, '88 Fleer isn't for the faint of heart.  It's got a weird patriotic candystriper thing going on for it.  I don't necessarily hate it, but it doesn't stand up well to the test of time.

#546 -- David Palmer, Braves
#572 -- Larry Sheets, Orioles

#626 -- SuperStar Specials (All Star Righties)

I really like the names on this card.  But, good Lord, who was in charge of centering the photo?!  Sheesh.

#449 -- Billy Hatcher, Astros
#386 -- Rey Quinones, Mariners

#641 -- Major League Prospects (Mark Grace/Darrin Jackson)

Card of the pack?  At the risk of spoiling it: Yes!  The man who had the most hits and most doubles of any player during the decade of the '90s.  Grace also had a stand-alone card in the '88 Update set.  But, this is his 'true' Fleer rookie.

#67 -- Dan Petry, Tigers
#502 -- Johnny Ray, Angels
#478 -- Jeff Russell, Rangers
#99 -- Jose Uribe, Giants

#294 -- Terry Steinbach, Athletics

This is a pretty neat photo of the longtime Oakland catcher.  There are way too many colors -- most of which are clashing with one another -- but this card is A-OK in my book.

#580 -- Joey Cora, Padres

The baby-faced Cora amusing himself with a baseball.  I'm guessing this is his rookie, which undoubteldy means something to someone, somewhere.  Whatever, I think it's a pretty cool card of the 11-year big leaguer.

#358 -- Al Nipper, Red Sox

#136 -- Keith Hernandez, Mets

We finish the pack with Jerry Seinfeld's buddy, Mr. Keith Hernandez.  And this is a Keith card I didn't already own, so that's a bonus for moi.

[Ed. Note: I'll spare you the sticker card.  It wasn't memorable and, further, it has all sorts of stains and printing blemishes on it.]

All in all, I'm thinking this was/is a pretty good pack of '88 Fleer.  Then again, I think it might be the first-ever pack of the stuff I ever opened, so I can't genuinely nor accurately gauge that assumption.  But, I got a Mark Grace rookie and a Keith Hernandez card, so that qualifies as 'good' in my book!

Now then, back to my Heritage haze...



  1. I find everything about 1988 Fleer to be strange, the design, the colors on the back, the photo cropping, even the wrappers. For the most part I think it's complete garbage, but scattered with in the set are a handful of pretty awesome cards (Reggie Jackson comes to mind).

    And for some reason, I don't think I ever opened so much as a single pack of the stuff, and I opened a lot of wax in 1988 as a kid.