Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blue Byrds

No, this is not a post dedicated to a song by Paul McCartney and Wings.

Yes, it is another post about 2013 Topps blue-bordered cards.  And, this happens to be your lucky day, because this is also a trade post!

Hey, I'm excited enough for the both of us, so don't worry.

I recently received a friendly little padded mailer from the Home of the Toddfather containing a selection of cards off my '13 Blue want list -- which you can view by clicking on Bryce Harper's card in the right column of the blog.

Mr. Tim Byrd, the master of said Helton blog, has been a long-time trading partner and is a generous soul.  Thus he was kind enough to part with a dozen of these blue-bordered beauties -- ten of which were new to me plus a couple (both Mets) dupes that will slide nicely into my NYM collection.

Ten more Wal-Mart specials means my official set counter has ticked up to 154 of 330 cards, which means we're 46.7% complete.  Inching closer and closer to that midway point!

Once again, I appreciate the kindness of my blogging allies for hooking me up with cards towards this particular quest.  Buying the blasters and getting new cards is fun, but it definitely holds much more meaning when these cards come from you, the fellow blogger/collector.

If anyone out there has unwanted 2013 blues, I'd be happy to work out a trade with you.

Tim, as always, thank you for the cards!


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  1. I've got a couple that you need. Let me know if you're interested.