Saturday, February 23, 2013

Never Too Tired

Lots of things in life can downright exhaust a guy's body and soul.  For instance, waking up on a Saturday at 3 a.m.  Or riding a school bus for two hours in the rain.  I did both of those things today because I'm an advisor for a high school club that had a technical skills competition up in Middlesex County, N.J.

Hey, it comes with the territory.

But, as physically tired as I am, I'm never too tired when it comes to baseball cards.  Or blogging about baseball cards.

And, I'm certainly not tired and/or bored when it comes to exchanging cards with fellow bloggers.  In particular, Marcus of All the Way to the Backstop... fame.  My oldest buddy in terms of the blogging community.  I'm proud to consider Marcus a friend and, over the course of the past eight months or so, we've swapped a great many cardboard treasures.

Marcus is always a good source for some of my favorite obscure Mets.  I'll never tire of those guys, whether they were underdog fan favorites, washed-up retreads, or prospects who never panned out.  Paul Wilson fits the latter description.  Hey, at least he got a super-cool Collector's Choice card during his brief professional ascendancy. Check out the jersey number, too.  No. 42.  Nice.

I'll also never tire of those Mets of '80s fame, who were giants of their era.

Nor will I become fatigued by cards of the Flushing heroes of the 21st century.

Ditto for golden, shiny Bowman's Best cards of Edgardo Alfonzo.

And, no, he is not an obscure Met!  Certainly not in this household.

Could I possibly yawn at the sight of an action-packed Sammy Sosa card?

Or a fantastic piece of art like this 2009 OPC Alex Rodriguez?

No, these are also things that I will not tire of anytime soon.  If ever.

And you'd better believe that colorful parallels will never become old hat to this collector.  Not gonna happen.

This two-card panel represents perhaps the only common bond -- aside from both donning the blue and orange -- that Sir George Thomas Seaver and Mackey Sasser shall ever share.  The 2010 Franchise History card of Tom Terrific is an epic, but that Sasser is looking pretty sweet in its own way with the black and gold detailing.

And from black we now transition to blue, and those beloved Wal-Mart parallels from 2013 Topps!

A great way to finish up the post.  The generosity of Marcus and The Junior Junkie this week has brought my '13 Blue Project total to 140 of 330 cards.  That's a completion rate of 42%, folks.

Thanks for another outstanding assortment of cards, Marcus.  May your summer days be filled with many Chase Headley RBI doubles.  I know for sure that's something you won't tire of...



  1. I should send you some Edgardos...

  2. That A-Rod is a beautiful shot, right? Actually had it in one of my binders for a while, before I decided that it'd have a better home with you. The Wright photo is perfectly timed as well, and the border of the Gooden card is perfectly 80s. Can't ever get tired of that! Or of Headley RBIs :)

    Glad you liked 'em buddy!