Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fantasy Ride

Been a great weekend.  Watched plenty of baseball and basketball, and even caught a matinee with Mrs. K on Saturday (the new Wizard of Oz prequel, which I highly recommend, for what it's worth).

And moments ago, I wrapped up my first of two fantasy baseball drafts for the season.  This one is actually a "money" league, whereas the other will just be an excuse for me and my college buddies to get together and have a few beers.

Thus, I take this draft a tad more seriously.

Anyhow, my first three picks looked like this:

I had the fourth pick in an 11-team roto-style draft.  I usually gauge the success of a draft by the way I feel about the first three picks.  And, I think I'm O.K. with this threesome.

I've rarely been able to land David Wright in any drafts from prior years, so my Mets-loving heart was happy to snag him near the tail end of the second round. After all, I'm one who feels it's important to get players who you actually like watching.  Maybe that's not the correct strategy, but it's given me a second-place finish -- and a decent payout -- each of the last two years.  So, I'll take it.

The rest of the draft...well, do you really care?  A bunch of pitchers and position players from various clubs across both leagues.  You know the drill.

So, if you're doing a fantasy draft soon, good luck to you!  If you happen to abhor the concept of fantasy sports, have a happy Monday!


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