Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Aw Hell, Why Not?

Over the past week or so, I've taken to the task of organizing and logging all of my Mets cards.  It's a job that has been too long neglected.  Well, okay, to be fair, a good number of my Mets cards fall under the umbrella of player collections, which I have pretty well organized (mostly) and recorded in spreadsheet form.

But what about the rest?  Sadly, the 2010 Topps Gold Alex Cora's of the world were treated like orphans, gathered mindlessly and stored into bland, gray cardboard boxes.

Wellp, going through all the Teufels, Kranepools, Nieses and, yes, even Whitehursts got me to thinking -- a sometimes vain activity, but not so this time.  At least I think not.  I thought to myself: Self, if would be pretty sweet to have at least one card of every Mets player.  And then to put said cards into a binder to enjoy for many years to come.  Perhaps arranging them alphabetically, perhaps numerically in a Frankenset kinda way.

Though I'm not sure of all the particulars, I've come to decide that I'm gonna pursue this thing.  I know I'm not re-inventing the wheel here; I've seen lots of bloggers/collectors do this sort of thing.  But I've never been a strict team collector before.  I've usually stuck to sets or certain players.  Thus, I've let lots of minor Mets slip through the cracks through the years, and I've rarely attended shows specifically hunting for Mets cards.

Translation: I've got lots of work to do!  I made a nice little page for my mission, which you can access at the "All-Time Mets Project" tab above, or simply by clicking here.  The only guideline for my quest is that each card must be a Mets card; no card from prior-to and after the player's time in Queens shall be accepted.  In other words, no Blue Jays or Marlins card for Carlos Delgado, nor a Giants card for Willie Mays, etc.  After all, when I'm flipping through this binder, I only wanna see blue and orange.

If you have any cards of the players listed and would like to help out, by all means give me a holler!  I'm always up for a trade.

Let the journey begin...



  1. Sounds like a fun project, Mark! Glad you're finally dabbling into the binder aspect of the hobby!

    I'll have to see if I have a few new Mets to include in my next trade package to you!

  2. Nice! I'll do some digging and hopefully I'll find a few that will make their way into your mailbox.