Friday, July 12, 2013

Put it in the Books! (and the Binder, too)

For quite some time, I've had the 2012 Heritage set listed in the sidebar of my blog underneath the heading of "Topps Sets Completed."  And while that is in part true, it was not wholly factual.

To be specific, the 425 card non-SP checklist of last year's Heritage -- one of my all-time beloved sets to collect -- has been knocked out and filed away into its binder for quite some time.  And most of the short prints were secured, as well.  The key word being 'most', of course.  I am still five cards shy of meeting that goal.

Or, I was.

Thanks to the wonderful COMC website, the final pieces of the 2012 Heritage puzzle have fallen into place, arriving at Kaz Manor via parcel post on Friday.

Along with the above card of former NL MVP Jimmy Rollins, this foursome sealed the deal:


Ripping open the yellow bubble mailer and finally holding the five elusive cards was a pretty cool feeling.  Talk about satisfaction!  And slipping these bad boys into their barren binder slots to formally complete the 500-card edition?  Well...someone get me a cigarette!  [Ed. Note: What, too far?]

A journey that began Easter Sunday in 2012 now has reached its terminus in mid-July 2013.  What a fun ride it's been, as rewarding as it was challenging.  This was, after all, the first set inclusive of short-prints (75 of the damn things!) that I ever completed.

Next to polishing off my '89 Topps set, I can't think of a prouder hobby-related moment.


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  1. Ugh, I still need that Adron to complete my 2012 Heritage Cardinals team set. Curse you SP's!